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We've been using MAYLÁN Skincare for years, so we know how incredible it is.
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I recently purchased the Face Firming and Moisturizing Daily Cream and the Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream for myself and the Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizing Creams for my mother and we both are loving it!  My mom has sensitive skin, so she loves how the products do not irritate her skin.  She called me up recently to thank me for getting these for her.  She also told me she was watching Dr Oz (she loves Dr Oz!) and he was making recommendations about what ingredients to look for in a good skincare line and she looked at the Maylan Skincare products I bought her and saw the exact ingredients Dr Oz recommended!   I love them because the moisturizers feel light on my skin, yet I can feel how they penetrate and nourish it.  I have oily skin and other moisturizers tend to make my skin feel even more oily.  These products don't.  I can't wait to buy the rest of the line of products!  Thank you Maylan Skincare!
- Silvett, New York, January 2013

I have used the Cleanser, Toner  and the Tightening Cream Moisturizer.  Love the texture!!  Feels natural and my face felt really clean and revived after the Toner.  Also, I don't generally use Moisturizer Cream because it makes my face feel heavy or weighted.  After I used yours, my face was not weighted at all.  I also love the mild fragrance as well.  Using the other items tonight. 
- Tracey, Chicago, April 2012

I love the Maylan products! I have always had large poresand reddish blotches on my cheeks, in the past few years. After trying other products - 1 I was allergic to and the other made me feel like I had put a blanket on my face. Maylan products are sheer (no more blanket feeling), my face is much more toned and healthier looking.  
- Janis, Chicago, April 2012

"Maylan's face firming and moisterising daily cream is the finest product I ever put on my skin. A professional dermatologist could not cure the reddish blotches and dry skin on my forehead nor the occasional flair-ups on my cheeks and under my eyes. This product did what my doctor could not. It is so pure that there is no reaction to its moisturizing effect which keeps my skin as smooth as it ever has been. I regularly get comments that I never seem to age, which certainly can be, in part, attributed to the positive impact of the Maylan products."
- Pastor Greg, Chicago, April 2012

"Over the years, I have tried many brands of skin products that promised miracles that never materialized, and some have even been harmful. I now use the complete line of MAYLAN products because I can trust them to help my skin to be  the best that it can be. The purity of the products and their science-based formulations all work together to fight off the signs of aging. I especially like the Silk and Honey Overnight Cream. Several years ago when I visited a silk factory in Shanghai I noticed that the hands of the women who worth there had beautiful unwrinkled hands even though they spent the day with their hands in water unraveling silk from the cocoons. The secret was the silk - it nourished the skin of their hands and counteracted the drying effects of the water. That's why it's so effective as an anti-aging product. 
- Lily, Chicago, October 2011

“It's been a month [February 2011] since I started using MAYLÁN and I have to say my skin hasn't been this soft and supple in years!  I've gone through the toner way too quickly because I love it. I've been using organic and paraben-free products for a few years, but I kept breaking out on my neck and left cheek area. After using MAYLÁN products, I've gotten maybe one or two pimples in that area. I can't wait to try the anti-aging line! “This month [March 2011] my facialist totally noticed the difference in my skin. She said that my pores were nice and close and that my face was beautiful. She was ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ the entire facial. She is amazing so I give her a lot of credit for the condition of my skin, but without your products [my skin] wouldn't have reached the next level. I'm sending her a link to your website.”
-Emmy®-award winning WGN-Chicago reporter  Ana Belaval Vihon , Chicago, February & March 2011

"Since I work on television, I am very particular and religious about skincare.  I've surely spent thousands of dollars on hundreds of products throughout my career.  I no longer switch around between brands now that I've discovered MAYLÁN. The formulations are not only effective, they feel luxurious going on.  I truly look forward to using my MAYLÁN products every morning and night."
-Emmy®-award winning WGN-Chicago reporter &  MAYLÁN  Spokesperson,  Nancy Loo , Chicago, November 2010

Estas cremas tienen la capacidad de ayudar a mantenar la piel mas suave, fresca, y con una textura mas joven, y brillante. Mi favorita es la crema de la noche. Me siento rejuvenecido al despertar al día siguiente y bien sobre la forma en que mi piel se siente y se ve. Estas cremas ponen de manifiesto la belleza en la piel,y tambien la belleza interior que muchas mujeres hoy en día necesitan. Estoy feliz de hablar de estos productos y espero que adicionales productos se añadirán en el futuro.
These creams have the capacity of helping skin stay softer, fresher, and looking and feeling younger. My favorite is the night cream. I feel rejuvenated upon waking up the next day and good about the way my skin feels and looks. Maylan creams bring out beauty in the skin in addition to the inner beauty that many women these days need. I am happy to talk about these products and hope that additional products are added to the current product line in the future. 
- Luisa, New Jersey, December 2010

"The Daily Cream and Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream are super creamy and intensely moisturizing without being sticky.  My sensitive skin was soothed....The Triple Acting System Eye Cream was a treat - it felt luxurious, didn’t burn my sensitive skin and my eye area looked radiant"
- Melissa, New York, August 2010

"In the world of skin products, the options seem endless…I have very dry skin which shares the irritating tendency to still have breakouts. Finding a product that keeps my skin feeling moist without being greasy, sticky, or oily has been difficult.  Generally, skincare products that will keep my skin from looking like an alligator often leave me greasy and tight.  MAYLÁN has developed products that keep my skin feeling soft without ever feeling slimy or greasy.  My skin actually feels younger to me. [Over the years,] I have used MDSkincare (too sticky), Clinique (too drying), Olay (this doesn't actually do much), [and] the Strivectin products (again too drying).  MAYLÁN's Daily Cream and Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream are the perfect balance to keep my skin feeling great.”
- Michelle, Chicago, August 2010

“I have combination skin, with a very oily T-zone. Most lotions don't sufficiently moisturize my cheeks, and after a couple of hours, my cheeks become dry and flaky.  If a lotion sufficiently moisturizes my cheeks, it would cause my T-zone to break out. Not only that, but most face washes and [Daily Creams] cause my cheeks to break out. I went years without using any Daily Cream on my T-zone. The MAYLÁN [Daily Cream], in contrast, did not cause my cheeks to break out, is fast absorbing, and kept my skin moisturized all day long without feeling heavy or greasy. I even used it on my T-zone and it did not cause breakouts! And I've been using the Natural Herbal Cleanser, and it's nice. It removes dirt and makeup quickly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and a little moisturized, unlike most cleansers which make my skin feel dried out.”
- Jeong, New York August 2010

"I have always needed a [skincare] product that was gentle but effective; one that was not going to cause irritation or a reaction on my skin.  I was never really satisfied with other anti-aging creams that I could use because they were either too heavy [or] greasy or the aroma was overwhelming.  Then I tried MAYLÁN’s Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream.  It has a wonderfully smooth texture that is light to the touch.  It also has a delightful aroma.  Most importantly, I have not used a more effective anti-aging cream.  My skin is soft and feels younger.  I absolutely love MAYLÁN products!"
- Trish, Long Island, September 2008

Natural Botanical Toner: “The toner is definitely a favorite of mine.  It has a light fragrance and when applied, refreshes and awakens the skin.  And just when you thought all of your residual makeup was removed with cleansing, there is always a small trace left on the cotton ball after using the toner.  I love this product and recommend to all skin types.” Triple Acting System Eye Cream: “The eye cream is delightful.  It is light in texture and has a hint of a wonderful fragrance.  It alleviates puffiness and the darker areas under the eyes.  I would love to use this cream all over my face.” Moisturizing Daily Cream: “This cream also has a great light fragrance and blends evenly on the face without leaving an oily residue.  It absorbs quickly, does not feel heavy, [and] pleasantly plumps the skin.  I have more mature skin and I love how it [fills] in small lines; my teenage daughters also love the feel, smell and light texture of this cream.” Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream: “This is a rich and luxurious cream that I put on my freshly cleansed and toned skin.  It immediately begins its hydrating process and by morning, my face feels plumper, softer and perhaps looks a little younger too.  It is definitely a wonderful cream for all ages, [and] it works great with my more mature skin.”
- Nancie, Long Island, September 2008

"Five years ago, I was diagnosed with facial rosacea.  Not only was I dealing with aging skin, but also a red face with acne.  Several months ago I started using the Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream.  It is a rich, non-greasy cream which I applied to a clean face nightly.  After regularly nightly use, I noticed my face was not as dry and was softer.  My face responded better to the rosacea treatment because it was getting the vitamins and moisture it needed.  I highly recommend using this product on a regular basis at night.  I know you will feel and notice a difference in your face.”
- Joyce, Chicago, November 2007

“I love the Moisturizing Daily Cream.  First and foremost, I like the way it smells!  It has a very clean delicate scent that I find appealing.  I also like the way it feels when it goes on my skin.  It doesn’t feel too oily nor does it feel watered down; the texture is very nice. I have sensitive skin and I break out very easily unfortunately. However, [I have not had a] reaction to the Daily cream.”
- Susanna, New York, January 2000
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