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Our History


Amedico Laboratories was founded twenty-one years ago by Dr. Henry Chan and his wife, Winnie. They wanted to utilize the experience and expertise pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Chan had attained over the years to develop over-the-counter drug products for domestic as well as international markets. However, Amedico took an unexpected change in direction when Winnie asked her husband to develop a skincare product for her since the products available on the market were expensive, ineffective and even caused reactions on her skin. Dr. Chan developed a cream that utilizes natural mechanisms and processes for Winnie's personal use. With the prompting of friends that both witnessed and later experienced the results of Dr. Chan's cream, Henry and Winnie decided to develop high-end skincare products for consumers with sensitive skin.

Winifred Skincare was launched in 1992 with Dr. Chan's first formulation, Winifred Daily Moisture. Over the next couple of years, Winifred Skincare expanded its product line with an overnight cream, toner and a cleanser. Winifred Skincare was well received during its initial launch including partnerships with a high-end boutique and a beauty salon in Buffalo, NY. However, when Henry and Winnie's son, Brian decided to pursue his MBA at the Johnson School at Cornell University, one of his project teams was able to perform some market research and further develop our product. With the help of the students and faculty at Cornell, Amedico made some improvements to its product line and has now relaunched its skincare line. In addition to the addition of its new eye cream, Amedico's entire product line is now available to the public as MAYLÁN Skincare.

Significant Events
1987 - Amedico Laboratories, LLC founded by Dr. Henry Chan and Winnie Chan with the goal of developing OTC drug products.
1991 - Dr. Chan finishes formulating his daily moisturizing cream for his wife Winnie's personal use.
1992 - Amedico launches Winifred Skincare with its first product: Winifred Daily Moisture
1996 - Amedico expands its product line to include an overnight cream , a toner and a cleanser
2004 - Amedico moves to Chicago.
2005 - Henry and Winnie's son, Brian, performs market research as part of his MBA coursework at Cornell's Johnson School and makes product development suggestions for the Winifred Skincare line.
2005 - Winifred Skincare re-launches as MAYLAN Skincare, as a result of Brian's MBA research.
2007 - Dr. Chan develops MAYLAN's Eye Cream
2009 - MAYLÁN redesigns its logo and packaging.
Summer 2010 - MAYLÁN Skincare launches its new website and receives press as a "Sensitive Skin Solution" in several Houston-area lifestyle publications, including Houston Lifestyles and Homes.
Fall 2010 - Chicago-based journalist and newscaster Nancy Loo signs on as MAYLAN's spokesperson and retailer Beautify Cosmetics in Houston, TX, begins to carry the MAYLAN Skincare line.
February 2011 - MAYLÁN Skincare's products receive rave reviews from blogger Melanie Haiken in an article entitled "Best Anti-Aging Creams Ever!"