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Of Women and Success: For Immigrant Women Leaders, Life Is Not a Bed of Roses – May 2013

Fiona Citkin, Ph.D. writes "Of Women and Success: For Immigrant Women Leaders, Life Is Not a Bed of Roses" in the Huffington Post and features Winnie Chan of MAYLÁN Skincare.

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East Meets West by Ginny Gong on Montgomery Community Media - February 2013

Ginny Gong, host of East meets West, interviews MAYLAN Skincare co-founders Winnie and Alan Chan.

"East meets West" is a program in the DC area on Montgomery Community Media that highlights the Asian American community and features Asian Americans who have successfully combined the best of both the East and the West..

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Minding Your Business (NYC) – June 2012 

MAYLÁN Skincare was recently featured on the show  Minding Your Business  by  June Middleton  that aired on  MNN  (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) on June 12. If you missed it, we'll let you know the next time it airs and can be viewed anytime on YouTube !
Minding Your Business is a Cable TV program produced and hosted by June Middleton, a New York Attorney. The show meets with and discusses various topics with entrepreneurs on starting and running a successful business. The show airs on Tuesdays at 6:30pm on Time Warner (56) , RCN (83) and Verizon FIOS (34) in the New York City area and is also available on  YouTube 

Minding your Business
MAYLÁN Skincare featured in the December issue of Chicago Minority Business Report - December 2012

When you look at Winnie Chan, one thing is very apparent. She is an elegant, beautiful woman whose face is wrinkle free. How can that be? Well into her 60s, her youthful appearance could be attributed to her attitude, her healthy lifestyle and/or genetics.

It all began as a gesture of love. “The Maylan regimen began because I was allergic to the products in the market, even the ones for sensitive skin,” says Winnie.

Click here to read the full article.

Florida International Volunteer Corps (Guyana) – August 2011 

In August 2011, Henry Chan, PhD was invited to volunteer with the Florida International Volunteer Corps (FAVACA) to help the Amerindian population in Guyana to develop cosmetic products using an abundant local ingredient called Crabwood Oil.  Henry was able to use his extensive experience to help out this community to develop a product for them to sell and support their families.  At age 68, going to remote area with no roads, plumbing, or stable electricity was not easy but was very emotionally fulfilling!