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Our Story


About 18 years ago, I realized that my youth was fading away. Parts of my face were developing pockets; I had to take care of my skin before it got worse. I bought and tried several expensive anti-aging products from major skin care companies. However, my skin's pockets and lines worsened. Several products caused me to develop rashes; even Clinique's products--supposedly suitable for sensitive skin--caused me to break out! In hopes of a solution, I turned to my husband Henry, who had over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, and asked him to develop a gentle but effective anti-aging cream.

After extensive research and development, Henry created an anti-aging moisturizer delicate enough to revitalize my sensitive skin. With only one use, my skin's pockets and lines began to fade. My co-workers and friends complimented me on my skin's improved tone and texture. Upon learning of my skin care regimen, they asked to try Henry's moisturizer. When I began to share the moisturizer, co-workers and friends enjoyed using it so much that they suggested it to their friends. This success via word-of-mouth encouraged me and Henry to develop the product for sale. Thus, our Daily Moisturizing Cream was born.

Over the next several years, with helpful feedback from customers, friends and advisors, my husband expanded our product line to include the Overnight Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Cream, the Natural Botanical Toner, the Natural Herbal Cleanser, and an Eye Cream and added SPF 30 to our Daily Moisturizing Cream. We hope to develop natural hair care products and a men's skincare line in the future.

Today, I am in my 60's. I have been using MAYLÁN products for nearly two decades now. With consistent use of MAYLÁN products, I do not have any wrinkles or pockets on my face. People I meet are always shocked to learn my true age; even salon beauticians comment on the firmness of my skin. The best thing about MAYLÁN products are that they not only moisturize, but they also can repair damaged and aging skin.

Over the years, customers who have sensitive skin or skin ailments have shared their personal struggles finding the right skincare products. Many were not able to use other popular skincare products, but they were able to use ours. In fact, these customers told us that even when they used MAYLÁN products for a short period of time, their dermatologists immediately recognized an improvement in their skin's condition.

It is our sincere hope that with even with a day's use of MAYLÁN Skincare, that you too will find perfect harmony with your skin. 

Winnie Chan
Winnie Chan, Co-Founder
MAYLÁN Skincare