MAYLÁN's products are created through a careful blend of art and science. Using the most cutting-edge science and techniques, pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Chan focuses on developing skincare products specifically formulated for sensitive skin that do not peel away the skin surface or cause the burning and redness of so many chemically intensive mainstream products. By remaining true to his roots in eastern philosophy and his goal of pulling out your skin's natural beauty, Dr. Chan employs advanced western technologies in ways that only enhance the natural ingredients in his products, not destroy them.

When skin ages, either through natural processes or due to overexposure to environmental hazards, the generation of new skin cells slows or is impaired. The skin's lipid layer thins, producing a smaller barrier from the external environment that can cause the skin to become dry and rough, resulting in wrinkles. Dr. Chan combats this with his advanced Regenecel System, which works to repair and regrow damaged skins cells, and the world renowned Marine Filling Sphere technology. These leading scientific methods enable MAYLÁN's products to repair damaged skin, diminish wrinkles, and give your skin a healthier, fresher look.

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