Our Inventor Dr. Henry Chan is the principle scientist behind the development of MAYLAN Skincare products. He has over thirty-five years of experience working in the Rx pharmaceutical, over-the-counter (OTC) and cosmetic industries, including over twenty-five years of experience managing research and development units at several major healthcare companies including Blistex , Del Laboratories, and Mentholatum. Throughout his career, Dr. Chan has developed or reformulated over one hundred consumer healthcare products for consumers worldwide. Two notable products he developed include Orajel , the well-known toothache pain reliever, and Propa pH, an OTC acne treatment line.

Dr. Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. He attended graduate school in the U.S. where he obtained a Masters degree in phytochemistry and a Doctoral degree in pharmaceutical science with a concentration in pharmaceutical and cosmetic science. As a result of his Asian upbringing combined with his U.S. education, he applies the best of eastern philosophies with the most advanced western technologies in his product development. The dual nature of Dr. Chan's experience and education has led him to create elegant and well-balanced products that produce only the best results for his customers. MAYLAN Skincare is the culmination of decades of experience.

We invite you to learn more about Dr. Chan's achievements by reading below or by reading our satisfied customers' testimonials.
Significant Developed or Reformulated Products:

  • A facial cream with water-resistant suncreen for the Australian consumers
  • A young adult skincare line
  • An acne treatment product line (one cream, one facial stick, two cleansing pads, two clear cleansers and one foaming cleanser)
  • A lipbalm with the latest UV-A suncreens for both UV-A and UV-B protection in "Extreme" environments
  • A line of lipbalms containing sunscreen for the Canadian (three formulas) and Hong Kong (five formulas) markets.
  • An analgesic patch
  • A topical analgesic cream and lotion
  • An oral healthcare product line to remedy cold sores
  • A burn ointment and treatment cream for hospital use
  • Reformulated an oral health care product line for better product performance
  • Reformulated six products: two tablets, one aerosol, one liquid laxative and three topical creams and ointments to meet FDA and/or CPSC
    regulatory requirements.