Natural Sensitive Skin Care: Moisturize without irritation.

If you suffer from any of a wide spectrum of sensitive skin conditions, you know that almost anything that your skin comes into contact with can cause an outbreak or a reaction.  This unfortunate reality makes it quite challenging when you’re looking for products to apply to your skin that will actually nourish and protect it.  For many, the best option is to find natural sensitive skin care solutions.

Why Choose Natural Skincare?

When school kids begin learning about human anatomy, teachers always ask a trick question. Which is the largest organ in the body? Naturally, students answer heart, lungs or the stomach. However, the largest organ in the body is actually your skin. Your skin regulates you internally, provides sensation and aids in excretion, but its primary function is to act as a barrier of protection. Everybody wants to look great, but we shouldn’t sacrifice the main purpose of our skin for our vanity.

Why Use Natural Skincare If You Have Sensitive Skin

In today’s world, there are increasing reports of sensitivities and allergies to what we eat, touch and are exposed to in our environment.  Skin conditions that many of us had not heard of when we were younger such as rosacea and eczema are now common in many adults and children.  Individuals with extreme health conditions and overexposure to the sun, now experience even worse redness and rashes when they come into contact with widely used products.

Joshua Took Over the Dance Floor

My grandson is only 2 ½ years old and he was the ring bearer for Brian and Sooyun’s wedding. However, during the ceremony, he refused to walk down the aisle by himself, so his father, also the best man, had to carry him down the aisle. The entire ceremony he was not happy, but when the reception dinner started he was eating his favorite food with two eyes closed.

My Son Brian’s Wedding

A big congratulation to my son Brian, who got married in July to a beautiful young lady named Sooyun Hong. The wedding took place at The Castle on the Hudson in New York. The venue and the wedding were beautiful. The rehearsal took place back in Brian’s apartment the night before the wedding. We all went out to a nice Italian Restaurant around the neighborhood for dinner after the rehearsals.

Christmas with Joshua

I know we’re already into 2012, but I wanted to share a little bit about our Christmas this year.

Whether Christian or not, Christmas is a holiday that brings people together all around the world. It’s a season where people can put aside all their differences and can come together to celebrate.

One of the best places to spend Christmas is in New York City. Although it can get extremely crowded, the crowds give so much energy to the city. Plus there are the wonderful smells of pretzels and nuts and there are lights and decorated windows.

Gilda’s Club

I’ve been meaning to post about our time at Gilda’s Club for awhile now but just didn’t get around to finishing it since it’s been so busy. But here’s a little bit about a great day that we had supporting this terrific organization!
On November 12, 2011, we were privileged to present our products on the Health and Wellness day atthe Gilda’s Club in NYC. Since opening, GCNYC has offered a place where men, women and children living with cancer – and their families and friends – can join together to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care. The Health and Wellness Day was created to bring in counselors and industry experts to provide information and consultations for its members to improve their health and lifestyles.

Cyber Monday!

Hi All! I can’t believe that Cyber Monday is here! Of course, I am here to talk about MAYLAN! We are having a huge sale today – 50% off the original Daily Cream and FREE Shipping on all purchases!
I can give you my word that you will absolutely love these products. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer!

Born In China

I was born in China at the end of World War 2. Soon after I was born, the Civil War started between two political parties – the Communist and the Nationalist party. Our family escaped to Hong Kong in 1949 right before the Communist took over China.
We were the only family to have escaped to Hong Kong from both sides of my parent’s families. I was only about 4 to 5 years old at the time and do not remember the journey to Hong Kong. My early childhood memories about our family were from my mother.

Dreams with God

“Are you doing what you were created to do? What can you DREAM of doing that would get you out of bed in the morning and keep you awake at night?” Dr. Myra Perine
Every summer, our church invites famous speakers within the U.S. and sometimes from around the world. This is good to give the congregation a chance to hear other pastor’s insight and to give our pastor a break. It is very hard to preach Sunday after Sunday all year long.

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